Dapper Day – Fall 2017

If there was a way to make Dapper Day a national holiday, I would be all for it. Dapper Day┬áis a bi-annual event that combines two of my very favorite things, dressing up and Disney. To quote their website, Dapper Day "celebrates refined style from yesterday and today". The event is starting to become increasingly… Continue reading Dapper Day – Fall 2017

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Getting Out of My Comfort Zone

              As an introvert, getting out of my comfort zone is not something I'm very fond of. Especially throughout middle school and high school, I struggled to put myself out there and do things that I really wanted because I was shy or nervous people wouldn't like me. Towards… Continue reading Getting Out of My Comfort Zone


Style Wishlist: Fall 2017 Edition

Even though we don't really get seasons here in Florida, I still love fall and all the fashion trends that comes with it. This time of year is probably the only time I somewhat actually follow seasonal styles, trading out my bright pink lipsticks for darker berry tones. So today, my second style wishlist features… Continue reading Style Wishlist: Fall 2017 Edition

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Style Wishlist: Disney Edition

Those who know me understand that I have a not-so-secret love (ok obsession) with all things Disney. Recently, I have been discovering new Disney blogs and shops filled with so many cute and creative things. There's no way I possibly have them all, but I figured I would share some of my favorites with my… Continue reading Style Wishlist: Disney Edition

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Favorite Trends: One Piece Swimsuits

In the past, I have always stuck with two-piece swimsuits. I found them to be easier to wear than one-pieces, and I felt that most one-pieces were either too revealing, or not flattering. To be honest, for someone my size, finding any swimsuit that fit properly and looked flattering used to be quite the challenge.… Continue reading Favorite Trends: One Piece Swimsuits


Favorite Trends: Loose Fitting Trousers

For the longest time I extremely disliked wearing anything other than tight pants. Even at work, I prefer capri style pants (like these). While I still will always love skinny jeans and you won't find me wearing wide-legged trousers, I've recently fallen in love with harem style pants, which are loose at the top and… Continue reading Favorite Trends: Loose Fitting Trousers