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The Art of the Brick

The Art of the Brick is a traveling exhibit by the artist Nathan Sawaya. The first artist to ever turn Lego bricks into artwork, his exhibit is entirely created using Legos.


Thanks to the Vinik Family Foundation, we were able to have this unique exhibit in Tampa this summer. Even better, the exhibit was free!

Lego Wall

The first gallery featured famous paintings and sculptures that the artist re-created. While I did find this section interesting, I was glad it was at the beginning, because I preferred the ones he himself had created.

After this, each gallery centered around a common theme, i.e. people, emotions, etc.

My favorite gallery was called In Pieces and was a collaboration between Dean West and Nathan Sawaya. In this gallery, photos pictured somewhat minimalist scenes. The difference is that one piece of each scene had been constructed out of the Legos.

Towards the end, there was a Lego sculpture of the entire gallery with a mini sculpture of the gallery  inside it of course!

Obviously, the exhibit ended with a place that you could create your own artwork using Legos.

The Thinker

If you would like to know more about The Art of the Brick, you can do so here. The exhibit is no longer in Tampa, but the upcoming exhibits will be in Seoul, South Korea; and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

What were some fun and unique things you were able to do this summer?



8 thoughts on “The Art of the Brick”

  1. That is incredible. Must have taken Nathan such a long time! My favorite thing I did this summer was visiting this cool fish carousel in New York City. Instead of horses, the carousel was these huge fishes with cool lights and music. ☺️

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  2. That exhibit looks so cool! I wish I could have made the trip to check it out. Have you been to the art museum in Orlando? I think you would like it. My favorite thing I did this summer was getting my Disney pass!

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