Summer Fun in Indiana

We had a great extended weekend with family during the last week of July! I cannot believe that summer is already almost over, I feel like every year goes by faster than the last. The weather was amazing, and at night even a little chilly for this Florida native.

Things we did 

  • Went boating and swam in the Lake
  • Went to the Elkhart County Fair and saw the rodeo
  • Hiked
  • Had some family fun
  • Ate TONS of yummy food (Thank you Elkhart County for having REAL fair food)


All in all, it was a much needed fun and relaxing getaway. What are some of your favorite summer memories?


Hiking in Northern Indiana


Cutest Little Church
Lake Life
Every house is so picturesque and has so much charm!


Lake Day!


The tree was planted in honor of  my husbands namesake – His Uncle Tom


First time riding a horse in years


Can never resist a brick wall


Not used to the lack of alligators


So cheap, so big, and SO GOOD! Mine was Strawberry and it was the best strawberry ice cream I’ve ever had!

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