Dapper Day – Fall 2017

If there was a way to make Dapper Day a national holiday, I would be all for it. Dapper Day is a bi-annual event that combines two of my very favorite things, dressing up and Disney. To quote their website, Dapper Day "celebrates refined style from yesterday and today". The event is starting to become increasingly… Continue reading Dapper Day – Fall 2017


Fall Festivals in Tampa Bay

This is a little late in the ballgame, but I wanted to mention some of my favorite Fall Festivals in the Tampa Bay Area! There are many more I would like to visit, but there's only so much you can visit in October! Hunsader Farms Located in Bradenton, this weekend Pumpkin Festival has it all,… Continue reading Fall Festivals in Tampa Bay


5 Favorite Spots in Ireland

Lately I've been hit hard with the travel bug. I was very fortunate growing up to have many travel experiences, but lately my husband and I have been focusing more towards achieving our life goals. While there is definitely travel in our future, it is not a priority right now. And there is nothing wrong… Continue reading 5 Favorite Spots in Ireland

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California Grill: A Bucket List Experience

One morning, we woke up and my husband had the genius idea of making a dining reservation that night at Disney. We were already planning on driving to Orlando that evening since we were headed to Animal Kingdom the next day. When we saw the 9:00 pm opening for California Grill, we knew it was… Continue reading California Grill: A Bucket List Experience

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Getting Out of My Comfort Zone

              As an introvert, getting out of my comfort zone is not something I'm very fond of. Especially throughout middle school and high school, I struggled to put myself out there and do things that I really wanted because I was shy or nervous people wouldn't like me. Towards… Continue reading Getting Out of My Comfort Zone

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Day Trip to Tarpon Springs

                          Tarpon Springs is a cute little town with a very unique history.  I had been wanting to visit since moving to Tampa, and during Labor Day we were finally able to! As far as touristy towns go, the main area of Tarpon… Continue reading Day Trip to Tarpon Springs